20 things about me


Thought this would be fun!

  1. I love Harry Potter (Always)
  2. I am a synesthete. (I have Grapheme-color, Spatial sequence, Number Form, Spatio-Temporal, and a touch of Ordinal linguistic personification synesthesia, but it’s fading)
  3. I am a struggling photographer (I took the photo above)
  4. I am a twin
  5. My birthday is in June
  6. I give my family weird nicknames. Example: My Aunt is Fluff (Don’t ask, I know I’m a weirdo)
  7. Cats are my heavenly soulmates
  8. I’m an introvert
  9. I’m mix of shy, quiet and socially awkwardness
  10. I may or may not have a photographic memory
  11. I have a stepmom, who I hate (There’s alot of drama in that area)
  12. I have 3 good friends
  13. Cheerleading is pretty fun
  14. I have medium green eyes
  15. Single Pringle
  16. Golden Retrievers are my favorite dog breed
  17. I love Maine Coones
  18. Kiera Cass and J.K Rowling are my favorite authors
  19. I hate being the center of attention