Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Jenna. Actually, it isn’t. Jenna is my fake blog name, since I prefer to not give my real name out. Anyway, I am just an average kid, who loves to write. For awhile, I wrote in Notes, (on iphone + mac), however, I feel now it would be much more fun to create a blog! I write fiction, and pretty much everything I write on here are thing that come from my imagination. See, I have a huge imagination, such as I create scenarios with different characters, and going so far as creating an imaginary family. (I know I’m weird :D). I sometimes feel like I’m trapped inside my own imaginary world, however writing helps to keep it tame. If you keep exploring my blog, you’ll soon find my writing isn’t perfection. In addition, I love cats! My homepage is my cat getting a bath. Above, is my aunt’s cat, (I will steal him away from her one day), who is a beautiful Maine Coone. Overall, I am super excited for this blog!


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