At The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time


STORIES: At the wrong place, at the wrong time. (3rd POV, Lucy: 7th grade) (Freshmen vs. Brandon)

“So then, the girl comes up to me, and she’s like, like hey, what are you doing? And I’m like, um, nothing dude, what are you doing? And-“

“I swear to god Beckham, utter another word to me and I will shove your head down a toilet.” Brandon growls. He slams his locker door shut, and delivers a swift punch to Henry Beckham’s stomach. Henry groans in pain.

“I don’t talk to stupid freshmen. Stop talking.” Brandon glances at him, before walking away. He trudges to the parking lot, not waiting up for his dorky little sister, Lucy. She could walk home, she has 2 legs, he thought. Angry at the recent events, Brandon’s face darkened. Today, a freshmen had spilled his lunch all over him, another tried to slam into him and make him trip, and one had the nerve to tell him he was an egotistical, self absorbed, asshole. As a result, the first frosh ended up face first in a trashcan, the second shoved in their locker, and the third got to be personally hung by his underpants by the flagpole, so every student at PV could see not to mess with a senior. Of course, no one reported it to the school, since the frosh was an annoying, cocky, kid who thought he was everything. If it was anyone else, most likely Brandon would have a detention at the very least. No that anyone tattled on him, no one did. The upperclassmen including Sophomores though Brandon was super sweet and cool. The girls thought he was cute, cool, and chill, while the boys thought he was a great sport, fun to be around, and overall a nice guy. In truth, he was. If you were a freshmen that kept to yourself, he would smile and nod at you in the hallways. Sometimes, he would even take groups of frosh out for lunch, with a couple other seniors. If you were on any of his JV teams, he took the time to help you improve in that sport. For the sophomores, juniors, and his senior class, he would be kind to anybody, and greet you in the halls. However, there was some freshmen who thought they were higher than anyone else. In turn, he wasn’t so nice to them. If you thought you could hang out in the senior-junior cafeteria, you are mistaken. He took to shoving frosh into lockers, throwing them in trashcans, and hang them by their underwear on the flagpole. Anyways, Brandon strolled out to the parking lot, only to see two freshmen hanging around his car.

“Hey, What are you frosh doing in the junior-senior parking lot?” He shouted, running over to them. The frosh looked up, terrified. They started to bolt, but Brandon’s track record played them, as he snatched each of their hoods and drew them back. He engulfed them in a double headlock, gritting his teeth.

“What are you two nerds doing here?” He snarled. The two exchanged anxious glances. He pondered what he could do  Brandon was a small genius, with an IQ over 130. Shaking his head, he resumed his calm.

“Please, Brandon, don’t hurt us, we are so sorry.” One of the freshmen spoke, quivering.

“Let us go, you ass. You are just a huge bully, we know what you did to our friends. Why don’t you just leave us alone, and kill yourself.” The other snarled.

“Hmm.. I totally would, but after that little comment, you two definitely deserve an ass-kicking.” The first frosh whimpered. “I would have shown you idiots some mercy if you weren’t going to scratch my car.” The two exchanged shocked glances. How did he know they were going to scratch his car? Switching gears, Brandon moved his hands, and grabbed their underwear, pulling hard. They both groaned. Brandon pulled harder, and harder until their feet dangled off the ground. Onlookers laughed, and giggled. “You two are pretty puny for 14 year olds.” Brandon snickered. With one last tug, he released their undergarments. Still, their necks secured under his arms. Brandon dragged them to the field, toward the flagpole.

Realizing it first, the second freshmen’s eyes widened in horror. “Please, don’t man!” Brandon smirked, knowing what he meant.

“Omg, please let us go, please, mercy.” The first pleaded. Brandon hooked his hand onto one of the frosh’s shirt, while securing his other hand around the others neck. He grabbed the flagpole’s hook, yanked the boy’s underwear, and hooked it on. The boy begged, and cried, hoping for mercy. Brandon sniggered, and pulled on the boy’s leg, for security. He switched to the other boy, who was frozen in fear. He grabbed him, as the frosh struggled, and made a move to kick him.

“Tough guy, huh? We’ll see how tough you are hanging on the flagpole by your underwear.” The boy whimpered, as the glanced at his friend, who was already hanging. Brandon hoisted him onto the hook, pulling on his legs to secure it. “Don’t screw with my car, or hangout in the junior-senior parking lot again.” Brandon locked eyes with them. He moved toward the rope. Brandon began to pull the rope, lifting them up. When they were at the top, he smiled, gave a quick salute, then left to go home, only to bump into Lucy, his dorky little sister.

“What. Are. You. Doing.” Her eyes widening. Brandon shot her a smirk.

“Nothing, just greeting a few frosh.” She gazed upon the flagpole, at the freshmen.

“I am SO telling mom.” She grinned, then frowned. “She’s going to be so mad, and you are going to get suspended, and then-“ Brandon raised his hand, cutting her off.

“You won’t tell her.” He relaxed.

“Yes, I will. She is going to be so mad.” Lucy’s eyes sparkled.

“No, you won’t.” He crossed his arms.

“Yes. I. Will.” Lucy uttered defensively.

“Oh really? Then why do you keep telling me? Just do it.” Brandon raised an eyebrow. She stepped back, and pulled out her phone. She scrolled through her contacts, clicking on the one that said, “Mom”. She stared at the contact for a moment. Brandon let out a sneer.

“You’re scared.” He grinned.

“No, I’m not.” Lucy huffed.  He leaned down toward her.

“You won’t tell her, because your scared I will beat your ass. And I will.” Brandon snickered. “Now, get in the car, geek.” Lucy lowered her head, and followed him to the car. He turned back to her, and ruffle her hair.


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