Birthday Punches

STORIES: Birthday Punches (Lucy’s POV) (5th grade)

DISCLAIMER: This is a long one!

Only my beloved siblings could turn an event I looked forward to, and make it dreadful. Well, maybe I’m overrating but it hurts! Every year on my birthday I get birthday punches from my siblings. Sometimes it’s from each, but other times they all group together and give me a bunch. If you didn’t know, birthday punches are punches you  get on your birthday, but the amount is the age your turning. The worst part was when I was in school with Matt. He would find me throughout school and give me as many as he could.

I slipped into my bed, turning my book to the page I left off of. My night light was slowly brightening, and I relaxed. Footsteps echoed in the hallway, and I soon saw a figure standing in my doorway.

“Birthday punches.” Matt whispered, barely audible and flashed his evil smile at me. He turned.

“By the way, your such a baby for still using a night light” He strolled out of the doorway, making his way to his room.

I shuddered, and rolled my eyes. Tomorrow was my 11th birthday. I was excited, but miserable too. Tomorrow I would receive a beating to my arms, from each of my brothers. What fun. As I snuggled into my covers, I tried to focus on exciting new 11 year old things.

I woke up to my mother smiling down at me. I grinned as she wished me a happy birthday. I hugged her then brushed my teeth, got dressed, and walked out to the living room, where my brothers awaited me. They all smiled and said happy birthday. I smiled, excited to be 11. I sat down, and began eating fruit. Wesley sat next to me, Matt across and Brandon diagonal. We all chatted about birthdays and soon the chat turned to when they all first turned 11. I listened eagerly to hear my brothers preach about their times being 11. Until, the conversation moved to birthday punches. The boys spoke about how they had gotten arm beatings from our older brothers like Blaine and Jon. As soon as my mom turned my back, my siblings ambushed me. I immediately yelped out in pain. They were punching me from both shoulders. I heard laughs of “Are you 1” and “Are you 3” I struggled, trying to get their crabby hands off me, however I was saved by my beautiful amazing mom. Hearing a noise (my yelp) she came back into the room, and sat down. My mom glanced at the time, while I resisted the urge to rub my already sore arms.

“AH!” My mother gasped. We turned to face her. “We are going to be late”

With that, we scrambled to collect our things. The five of us piled into the car, and we drove off. Matt and I kissed our mother goodbye when we pulled up to our middle school. Hopping out, we sweetly said good morning to our principle who greeted us inside. Once out of ear shot, Matt slammed his fist into my arm, causing me to squeal.


Matt left me, as I rubbed my arm. He walked into the gym where the 7th and 8th graders were, while I walked into the cafetorium. An explosion of Happy birthdays erupted as I entered the room. My group of friends had even painted signs with saying like “Your 11!!” or “Happy Birthday Queen!” I smiled wider and wider, as people wished me happy birthday. I walked over to my friends and we all began chattering immediately. We chatted about my birthday party, Reilly’s breakup with Ryan, and what were doing over the summer. Soon the conversation changed, to my brothers and my sore arms.

“I think I have about 9 left from Matt, 8 from Wesley, and 10 from Brandon.” I groaned, thinking about my poor arms.

“You should tell your mom.” Reilly replied.

“Or just punch them all 11 times then kick them in the balls!” Arizona exclaimed, while finishing a banana. We al turned to her, for a moment, then burst out laughing. It was a good idea, but not a realistic one.

“Oh that reminds me!” Rebekah smiled. She reached for her bag, and pulled out a plastic bag containing a closed pie of some sort. Rebekah handed it to me, and motioned for me to take it out. “Its Kulebyaka.” She explained. “You will love it.” I grinned, and snatched it out of the bag. I loved trying Rebekah’s Russian dishes. They were always so good. I divided the pieces by four, and handed everyone a piece.

“1” I counted.

“2” Arizona giggled.

“3” Reilly shouted. We took a deep bite. It was amazing.

“Omg” Reilly muttered.

“This is jesus in a pie” Arizona uttered. We all grinned at her announcement.

“Did you make this ReRe?” I asked.

“No, babushka did.” Rebekah answered, through bites.

“Tell babushka we NEED 10 of these.” Reilly added. We giggled. Soon, it was time to head for homeroom. We finished off our Kulebyaka and headed for the hallways. Reilly and Arizona had the same homeroom, but Rebekah had a different homeroom, like me. I headed the opposite direction as them, after exchanging good byes. Soon after, I felt a large arm sling over my neck. Matt. I twisted my head to see him, but he had already positioned his arm over my neck to grip me tightly, and then used his other arm to hit me, and BAM, just like that my arm had become numb.

Matt laughed, and walked in front of me, backwards. He pointed at me with both hands, and shouted:

“#3, Woo! I’m coming for you geek”.

And on that note, he turned, pushed the door open and walked upstairs. I rubbed my arm, hoping it would come back to life.


I walked toward Reilly and Arizona’s classroom, happy I survived for lunch. I was in light spirits because of the various happy birthdays I was given throughout the day. While I walked,  I daydreamed about my party. I planned to go to Medieval times with a group, and then a huge sleepover afterward. It was going to be great! Plus, Brandon was going to a party, Matt was going to a track and field practice, then pizza party, and finally baseball practice, and well Wesley, Wesley would most likely hook up with a girl and decide to go to the [no 9th graders allowed] end of the year party Brandon was going to. I was shaken awake from the thoughts as Matt caught up to me.

“Hey Birthday Nerd!” He slapped me in the back, with such force I stumbled forward. I squeaked, not expecting the sudden pain. I quickened my pace, trying to get away from him. Unfortunately, he kept up just fine.

“ Are you ready for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8?” Matt sneered. I groaned.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone, its my birthday and your ruining it.” I pleaded.

“‘its my birthday and your ruining it’” Matt mocked. I sighed. Matt raised his fist, and I tried to cover my poor little arms. Matt forcefully took my wrists, held them, and punched me 4 times. I bit my lip, to stop from crying out. A tear drizzled down my cheek. Seeing his little sister start to cry, Matt grinned and let go of my wrists. He turned for a moment, shot a smirk at me, then left to go to his next class. Frazzled with dead arms, I headed for the lunchroom, where my friends awaited.


Soon, we packed up our stuff, and waited for the bell to ring. Ding! All classes were released, and my class rushed out. I however began the trek up to my brother’s locker. Today, it was quiet. Usually, Matt had a crowd of friends surrounding his locker. I happily strolled up to him. He was packing his bag, and didn’t seem to be in the best of moods.

“Hey” I greeted him. He responded to shoving me, hard, all the way into the wall.

“What do you want runt” He muttered.

“Aren’t you supposed to punch me 2 more times” I squealed, hoping to cheer him up.

“Oh. yeah” Matt swung his bag over his shoulders, then threw a hard punch on my left arm, then on my right. I whimpered softly. Matt beamed, seeing me pained or nervous always cheered him up. He swung his arm over my shoulder.

“Just wait for your punches at home.” Matt snickered, as a shiver ran down my spine. “Loser,” he whispered in my ear, as we walked to the car.


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