Blogs, Blogs, And More Blogs

As I continue the adventure through Word Press, I gaze upon many different blogs and writings. I see the creativity, talent, and uniqueness many people bring to this community.

I’m afraid to admit, I envy those who can entrance someone in the most boring subject, or capture an expression so beautiful, people will stare and stare forever. I envy the people who create magical blogs, that seem so perfect, you have to follow straight away.

I wish to be an astounding photographer, but I’m merely decent. I wish to be a talented writer, but I’m merely adolescent. I look and look at perfect blogs, wishing my blog to create a perfect illusion that well.

I try to pour my heart into writing, however my heart is too frozen to pour. I wish to be many things, and the perfection of other people’s success drains me. I suck it back in, hoping no one will notice.



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