STORIES: Brandon

Brandon, 5 years older than me. Made of muscles, brown hair, and green eyes girls fainted over. Brandon was tall too, about 6’2″. He was more on the quiet side, but could be loud if he wanted too. In terms of tormenting, he was a scary one. He had this look he would give someone (me) that could have shot daggers. His eyes were black as night and his facial expression could kill. Anyway, he was big on threats. He was SUPER creative. Once he threatened me: “you do that, and I will take that macaroni and shove it in your ear.” Fun times. He wasn’t one you wanted to mess with. Captain of the football teams since sophomore year, beast on the soccer field and basketball court. In school, girls fainted over him, boys wished they were him, and I hoped to avoid him during the school day. To him, the freshman were bugs to squish, the girls were hearts to brake, and me the bone to a dog. He is the dog. Like i mentioned above, boys wish they were him. Brandon was calm, cool, and collected, plus he was muscular, with biceps and abs. Brandon could get any girl he wanted. EVERY girl wanted him. Lastly, the freshman feared him. I mean REALLY feared him. Brandon participated in freshman Friday. He bullied them, shoved them into lockers, throw them in trash cans, chased them, and scares them. Now, everyone in the school except the freshman thought he was the coolest guy in school.


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