Burnt To A Crisp

STORIES: Burnt To A Crisp (Lucy’s POV)  (Lucy; 8 Jon: 17)

I stood on the outskirts of the parking lot, on the sidewalk, waiting for my brother. A girl and her friends, 2 years older, ridiculed me, while I waited. So far, I successfully ignored them, but my calm was thinning. They teased me, saying my belly was too fat, and my clothes were too bright. I muttered mindlessly under my breath, hoping my brother would come soon. Of course, he wouldn’t, most likely he was probably hanging out with his friends not even bothering to remember me. Atleast, that’s how it usually goes. Jon, 17, was a senior at PV, which was just up the road from my elementary school. He would be picking me up. Usually, Juliet and Jon would cycle every other day, but frequently they had after school activities, and one couldn’t make it, which the other had to pick me up. If they both had stuff to do, I would have to walk home with Wesley, Brandon, and Matt. See, we all got picked up together. They walked to my school, and Jon/Juliet drove here to pick us up. However, Jon despised it, and took to beating all of us up. He loved hearing the groans and moans of Wesley and Brandon, however he wasn’t super mean to Matt. Since Matt is only three years my senior, and young in Jon’s eyes, he just messed with him. He told him all kinds of stupid stories that anyone could know was fake, but Matt believed him. As for me, he sees my vulnerability, weak nature, and tortures me. Jon usually tickles me until I can barely breathe, however he will yank my panties so high, I lift off the ground. In addition, since I’m small, he will lift me up upside down, and hold me over the toilet, while I begged for mercy, that’s always super fun. Anyway, Juliet doesn’t really mind car duty, unless she is bringing a guy home, which then she goes bezerk. Today, Juliet couldn’t make it, drama club. In turn, Jon had to come. I quivered at the torture I was going to receive, since he wouldn’t be able to scare freshmen and talk with his friends. I looked around for my other brothers, but they were nowhere to be seen. Oh! Of course, they were all at band. Yay, no more idiots to deal with.

“She is such a nerd.” The idiotic fourth grader whispered loudly to her friends. Back to the girl I was telling you about. Her friends giggled, and I rolled my eyes. I seem to have taken to rolling my eyes from Juliet. Being around horny, hormone filled teenagers, I pick up some of their habits, sayings, and actions.

“Yeah, I mean look at her big feet.” The group burst into laughter, as I struggled to choke down the lump in my throat.

“She is so ugly, she is only a little second grader.”

“I can’t wait till we get phones and move on to middle school.”

“Poor little second grader, with big feet, fat little toes, and justice shirts.” The head girl sneered, as her friends laughed harder.

“Hey, get in loser.” Jon shouted from the car. I turned to see the familiar red Toyota sedan pull up infront of me. Inside, I could see 3-4 guys, including Jon. I hauled my bag on my shoulders, before turning back to the girls.

“She is such a little kid,” one of the girls whispered loudly. My brother turned to me curiously, wondering how I would react. I looked at the group.

“Mirrors don’t talk, but lucky for you all they don’t laugh either.” I softly said.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH SHIT.” Howls erupted from the car. The teenage boys were amazed at the savageness of a little girl.

“What a savage.” One guy shouted.

“Burnt to a crisp!”


“She fucked them up!” Another hollered.

“shit, she cooked them.”


“Roasted, and toasted.”

“Savaaggee.” My brother grinned. I hurried into the car, not looking back to see the smug looks smacked off their faces. Upon entering, the guys immediately started talking about how I destroyed those girls. I sunk into the backseat, not wanting to be noticed. I felt uncomfortable with Jon’s friends. It was such an awkward age difference. (I got used to it after a while). Soon, the car quieted and Jon spoke.

“Hey, nerd. don’t let those girls bully you again, k?” He stated to me, with an edge of kindness. I hesitated, confused with this newly found act of affection. Jon slapped my leg.

“Do you understand?” He demanded again. I was pulled out of my mystification.

“Yes.” I squeaked. The guys grinned.

“Good. I would have had to beat your ass if you let them get to you.” His friends laughed. I twitched my head to the side, trying to understand what he just said to me. Affection or Coldness? I looked out the window as we drove, thinking about how savage I was.


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