Cake Face

STORIES: Cake Face (Lucy’s POV, 7 years old)

Today was my 7th birthday. Happily, I sat at the table peering at my cake. In the kitchen, mom and Juliet searched for candles, Jon and Blaine discussed college, and Matt, Brandon, and Wesley chattered about a new video game. As for me, well I enjoyed the presence of my cake. It was chocolate, with white icing, and outlined in blue. In the middle of the square cake, it read: Happy 7th birthday Lucy! I smiled, excited. I leaned in, taking in the sweet smell. SPLAT! My face plunged into the birthday treat. My face was pushed deeper in, and swished back and forth. It felt like a cake swirly, only much more humiliating. I was let up, my fave covered in cake. Around me, Jon, Blaine, Brandon, Wesley, and Matt  laughed.

“Turd!” Matt shouted. I screamed, and began to cry, while everyone laughed, finding my humiliation hilarious. Matt delighted at my outburst. Matt always loved seeing me cry, it gave him such joy. He also liked to see me in pain, he really delighted in that. Mom and Juliet entered,  and seeing the whole scene, horrified. Juliet choked back laughter, while giving an icy glare at each boy. Mom rushed over to me, her face contorted in a mix of disappointment and anger. She turned to Matt.

“What is wrong with you? Why would you do that to your sister?” She asked. The laughing died down, and Matt shrugged.

“It was just a joke, she is being a total baby about it.” I cried harder. Juliet gave mom a towel, and she used it to wipe my face. The rest of the boys contained their laughter. Matt, who didn’t feel too bad, tried to conceal his laughter as well.

“I don’t want to celebrate anymore.” I whispered through sobs, hopping off the chair and marching into the sun room. I snuggled up, and began to cry softly. I hated them. I really hated them, they were all jerks. As I cried, I could hear them talking in the living room.

“All of you will go and apologize to her.” Mom said to the boys. Outrage crowded the house.

“Why me? I didn’t do anything!” Jon pouted.

“It’s not our fault she is being a baby about it.” Wesley muttered.

“Totally unfair.” Blaine huffed.

“Especially you Matt. That was very mean, what you did.”

“What?” Matt looked up.

“You were very mean to your sister, on your birthday. With that, you are not allowed to go to Ron’s sleepover on Saturday.” Concealed laughs from his older siblings erupted.

“What! Mom! No please!” Matt pleaded, angry. That little nerd was going to get it. It was not fair, she was a baby and he got in trouble. Mom turned, and went to comfort me.

“She’s so going to get it.” Brandon snarled.

“Not so fast, Brandi. I’m the one who can actually hoist and hang her by her kiddie underwear.” Jon grinned.

“I’m the oldest, I get to beat that brat to a pulp.” Blaine uttered.

“Nonsense. Lucy fears me most, I am the best at teaching her lessons. After all, I spend the most one with her.” They all gave in, as they recalled the times Matt made Lucy miserable. He took her toys away daily, tripped her, tricked her, made her cry, and pushed her, at the very least. He loved to torment her, like it was a sport. The others always thought she needed a lesson on how to be tough, consisting of punches to the arms, but Matt always went further, to ensure maximum pain. He would press harder on her pressure points, pull higher when wedging her, and push harder when pushing her. Safe to say, he was the biggest asshole out of the family.


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