Bully, bullying, little sister, Mean, older brother

Caniving Little Skeeve

STORIES: Caniving Little Sleeve. (Arizona’s POV) (7th grade)

“Bathroom” Lucy announced, as she left the room. I sat there, waiting for her to return. I circled her room, touching, feeling and studying objects on her desk, walls and drawers. I looked toward her messy unmade bed. Shrugging, I climbed in, and snuggled under the covers.

“Hey dor-“ Brandon barged in, then stopped. He looked at me in Lucy’s bed. “Why are you in Lucy’s bed?” He demanded.

“Non of your business is it?” I sassed, then giggled. “And anyway why did YOU just barged into her room like a sasquatch?” I jumped out Lucy’s comfy bed. He walked closer to me, and leaned his hand on the bed, looking down at me.

“You’re just a dork like Lucy. I guess dorks like to stick together.” He chuckled.

I stood up on my tippy toes, getting up all in his face.

“Oh really? Well, you are a caniving little sleeve. Plus, you didn’t even answer my question.” I said, then smiled.

“Cross me Arizona, and you will be sorry.” He breathed, ignoring me again. “Or for that matter, Lucy will.” he smiled. My face drained, but I still kept tough.

“Caniving. Little. Sleeve.” I hissed, then laughed. Brandon’s face hardened. He turned to leave, but not before warning me.

“Hey Ari, sorry.” Brandon met Lucy in the hall, and bumped her with his shoulder. “Ouch” She huffed, as she entered her room. “Whats with him?”

“I don’t know, maybe he has his period?” We both laughed, and resumed our project.


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