[Excerpt] Loved By The Cheer Team

STORIES: Loved by the Cheer Team  (Lucy’s POV, 9th grade)

I headed over to the girls locker room, rushing to cheer. I seemed to always be late. As i entered, streams of greetings bombarded me.

“Hey Lucy!”

“Omg your a freshmen now Lucy!”

“Heres our star flyer”

“hi Lucy!”

“hows freshmen life been Luce?”

“Your first cheer practice as a 9th grader Lucy!”

My grin grew wider, as I greeted the team. My first year here, many people disliked me. I was a little 7th grader, no one wanted me on their team. However, as the season went on, i grew on them :D. Next, as an 8th grader, most of the girls liked or tolerated me. By the end of the season, I was loved. I began to undress into my cheer clothes. Other girls chatted loudly about their first day. I heard seniors talk about the little 9th graders, I heard juniors talk about their first day driving out to lunch, and sophomores talk about the new classes they are taking. Two seniors suddenly asked me about my day, and I began derailing my day, piece by piece.


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