General Info

Hi there! This is just some of general info of my fiction family. Most of my writings will be based on them. Cheers!


Jon’s birthday: April 16 1994 22

Matts birthday: March 4 2000 16

Wesley”s birthday: June 29 1999 17

Brandon’s birthday: July 27 1998 18

Lucy’s birthday: June 17 2003 13

Moms birthday: Sept  27 1966 50

Dads birthday: April 26 1960 56

Blaine”s birthday: June 1, 1991 25

Juliet’s birthday: November 9, 1993


Jon’s sports: wrestling, hockey, baseball, fm yr football, soccer, lacrosse

Brandon’s sports: hockey, football, baseball, swimming, basketball, lacrosse

Wesleys sports: baseball, football, swimming, hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse

Lucy’s sports: gymnastics, tennis, swimming, soccer, cheer, dance, lacrosse, basketball, hockey

Matt: lacrosse, soccer, football, basketball

Juliet: volleyball, cheerleading, ice skating

FRIENDS (Lucy’s friends)


Academics: A+

Personality: Quiet, kind, smart, introverted, afraid of authority, doesn’t give opinions (in debates and stuff), observes, Russian, stressed about school but hides it internally, can speak French, Russian, secretly very creative (has diary:writes in it and imagines her wedding in paris)

Appearance: Long dark which brown hair, big brown eyes, 5’4, good size body, muscles in legs and arms show when flexed, fair skin,

Siblings; Henri (2 years younger, 11) Aleksandr: Alexander (7 years older, 20)

Parents: Grigori and Viktoriya Volkov, Babushka (grandma)

Parenting Style: S.T.R.I.C.T:

Take care of younger siblings

Do chores

Ask 24 hours in advance for a friend activity (sleepover, mall outing)

Always attend scheduled events on time or early (Family dinner, school)

Get ATLEAST ad A for assignments and A+ on report card

Likes: gymnastics, reading, french culture, paris (dreams to go to paris), Owls, Harry potter,

Dislikes: my brothers, parents at times (their rules etc), her older brother (bullied her bc of pressure from parents), pineapples, the cold, pink, strawberries

Sports/Activities: Tennis, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Debate Team , Brain-busters, Ballet, Yoga,

Fun Facts: dresses up to go to Russian balls almost every week, Takes many days off for Russian holidays, doesn’t really have a religion


Academics: A- to B-

Personality: spunky, outgoing, not afraid of authority, speaks her mind, confident, talkative

Appearance: red hair, freckles, 5″2, not small but not huge body, muscles are hidden; pale skin, green blue eyes

Siblings: Hannah (3 years younger, 10) Alessia (2 years younger, 11) (Aaron 2 years older, 15)

Parents: Lauren Ross, and Daniel ross

Parenting style: Mom laid back, dad laid back, but a little less

Likes: gymnastics, softball, older boys, dogs, teen wolf, dancing

Dislikes: reading, the ignorant and snobbish, my brothers, people containing her, (headlocks, being pinned, and tied up), asparagus, melon

Sports: gymnastics, all star cheer, track and field (sprints) tennis

Fun Facts: Calls parents ‘rents, can stuff 13 marshmallows in her mouth at once


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