Juliet’s Wedgie

STORIES: Juliet’s Wedgie (3rd person, Juliet: 6th, Blaine: 8th, Jon: 5th)

“You have to make sure it’s humiliating, as well as painful. You want him to fear you” Blaine explained.

Juliet stared at the lockers. She wanted to learn how to put her annoying brothers in their place, so she went to the best. Blaine was the ultimate big bro, and Jon quivered being near him.

“If only we could get Jon to be an example” Blaine pondered.

“You can’t get him, he’s at lunch.” Juliet replied, annoyed she couldn’t pull his underwear to his head.

“That geek is gonna get it at home.” Blaine grinned.

Knowing what he meant, Juliet smiled too.

“I should probably get back to lunch.” Juliet muttered, as her stomach growled.

“Yeah I should get back to social studies” Blaine pouted.

They walked separate ways, back to their classes.

7 hours later

Blaine crept behind the corner, waiting for his victim. He replayed the plan in his head. Soon, Jon walked by, and instantly Blaine pounced on him. He covered his mouth.

“Mfrmrfrmf” Jon spoke, trying to call for help.

Blaine carried him into Juliet’s room, putting him into some kind of arm lock. Finally, he released his hand covering Jon’s mouth.

“Please Blaine I’m sorry i won’t ever do it again I don’t know what I did I’m sorry please don’t hurt me I didn’t do anything” Jon cowered.

He spoke in a jumble, clearly terrified. Blaine laughed, pleased at the scared looking Jon.

“Relax you idiot, I’m not going to give you the wedgie of your life. She is” Blaine cocked his head toward Juliet, who was sitting on her bed.

“HAHAHAH, yeah right.” Jon spat.

“And anyway what did I do??”

Juliet strolled over and peered over his face.

“You were in my room yesterday” she hissed.

Juliet spinned him, and snatched his tightie whites and pulled. Hard.

Jon let out a gasp of pain.

“Keep pulling. To get the pain effect pull until you can see the leg holes. Usually, I stop until they are ripped, but that’s advanced stuff.” Blaine instructed.

Juliet let out a huge pull, then released his underwear. Jon sank to his knees, his face hardening with pain.

“Alright get out of here nerd.” Blaine motioned to Jon, and Jon hurried away.


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