Locker Time :'(

STORIES: Locker Days (7th grade) (Lucy’s POV)

I sprinted across the track ring. I was late to cheer, again. I could hear the pad, pad, of my sneakers on the track ring. Soon, I saw the outlines of my cheer team. As i got closer, their grumpy and annoyed faces came into view. I drew closer, dropped my stuff and ran into the crowd.

“Sorry I’m late.” i apologized to our cheer captain. “My locker wouldn’t open.” That was half the truth. I had left out the part where Matt threatened to hang me by my undies in the storage closet if I told mom he had snuck out last night. My captain, Andrea, scowled at me. Instead of taking my apology, Andrea turned on her heel and yelled “Pyramid!” We plopped into position, counted 5,6,7,8 and began practicing.

Cheer flew by the minute. Just like that, it was over. Our coaches had to go to meeting, including the football coach. We snatched our stuff, and parted in different directions. Most girls went home, but I sat on the bleachers. Brandon and Wesley had scheduled a JV football practice, that would last 2 hours. Yay. I get to sit on the cold, crusty bleachers for 2 hours while I see the 9th graders tortured by my brothers. What fun. Meanwhile, while the girls left and the varsity players emptied the field into the locker room, the tiny, puny, little kids compared to varsity dropped their things, and made a small horizontal line in front of Brandon and Wesley. When everyone was here, they began running around the field. Brandon shouted various things at them, and occasionally threw a stick at a slow runner. I pulled my bag toward me, grabbed my binder, and started my homework. The guys finished running, and started working on throwing. Brandon picked up a ball, and bounced it in his hands.

“Okay ladies, when throwing a ball, the tips of your fingers should be on the white stitches.” He instructed. The guys watched in awe. I could tell they all admired my big bros, I guess every guy wants what they have. Star starters on the Varsity football team, muscles, girls fighting for them, and being the co-captains of the V football team.

“Now watch.” Brandon drew the ball back, and licked his lips. He stepped forward, and fired the ball. I watched in horror as the ball targeted me. I screamed, and ducked my head. The ball flew into the bleachers with a CLANG! As I stood up, dazed, I could hear laughing. Wesley and Brandon had started cracking up. The JV players were confused whether to laugh or ask if I’m okay. Rage bubbled inside me. If the ball had hit my head, I could have  got a concussion. I stormed off the bleachers and onto the field. With a girlish grunt, I punched Brandon in the stomach. Hard.

“You could have seriously injured me!” I screeched. Suddenly, realizing what I had done, I quickly tried to speed walk back to my spot, but Brandon was too quick and snatched my shirt. He spinned me to face him. He grabbed my wrist, and held it firmly.

“Do that again, and you’ll be spending the rest of the night in a locker.” He twisted my wrist, and I shrieked in pain.

“Stop please.” I whispered. He let go, and I scurried back to my place. I saw Brandon utter a word in Wesley’s hear, and he chuckled then glanced at me. I muttered to myself, and resumed my homework.


 I looked up from my homework to see Brandon lecturing his team. The JV players listened intently. Brandon yelled at them, called them names, and dragged on and on about different plays. Slowly, the boys seems to lower their heads. I instantly felt bad. I snuck left the bleachers, and bent down. I sneaked behind Brandon. Instantly, I began imitating him. The team started to laugh, and I kept going. I started to giggle, and immediately tried to suck it back in. Too late, Brandon had whipped around and grabbed my shirt. His face was hard and cold.

“Sit. Down. Now.” Brandon slowly said, twisted my shirt. He kept it twisted it, then pulled, making the material tear. I gasped. I looked up at him, and stared at the smirk on his face. He let go, and I swiftly made my way to my spot and sat back down. He had torn my shirt. This wasn’t the end.

Finally, the rest of their practice had come to a close. Brandon, Wesley, and the guys huddled into circle while Brandon made an announcement. Seeing my chance, I slithered like a snake over to the huddle. I stood behind Brandon, waiting. They began to chant. The circle broke, and before Brandon could turn, I roundhouse kicked him in the face. He fell back with a grunt, holding his nose. I scrambled to collect myself, and scattered. Wesley dismissed practice, however the JV players gaped at me and Brandon. Brandon bounced back up, and ran after me. He started to chase me around the field. However, he gained on me, and pounced. He wrapped his hand around my neck and escorted me out of the field.

“Locker time for you dork.” He sneered. Wesley stayed behind, to retrieve my stuff. Wesley was probably the nicest sibling in my family, besides Juliet.

“Wait, please don’t I’m sorry” I pleaded. Brandon kept his grip on my neck, and used it to push me inside the school. I tried to resist, but this only made his grip tighter.

“Please Brandon, I won’t kick you ever again” I did plea after plea, but he would not show mercy.

We got to my locker, where he used my combo to open it. (I had been forced to give it to him). I felt his large hands on my back, pushing me in. I placed my hands on the other lockers, trying to resist.

“Mercy, mercy please” I begged.

Brandon kept silent, and tried to force me in, eventually getting me in. I slammed on the door with a fist, and kicked and screamed. He peered through the locker vent. I could tell he was smiling.

“Now you have all the time in the world to think about crossing me again. Have fun.” Brandon hit the locker with his fist, making the locker shake. I could see his footsteps getting farther and farther. I stayed in my locker for over an hour, before Brandon came to fetch me.


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