How to describe Matt? Evil. Pure evil. He is only a shy three years older than me, but full of hatred and cruel ness. Matt strives to dominate. Growing up, he was the meanest to me. I think, since he was the youngest boy he got a lot of bullying from our other brothers, and in turn took it out on me. Anyways, since he was 3 years older, he was the only sibling to be in the same school as me, (exceeding high school in 7th and 8th grade) which gave him more chance to humiliate me. In middle school, He would chase me in the hallways, stuff me in lockers, push me, and try to lock me in classrooms. It was hell that year. I always tried to stick with a friend, or never go through main hallways. If he was around I headed for the hills. Now on to his appearance. I don’t know why, but everyone has said my brothers are hot. Gross! Matt has brown hair, hazel eyes, hunky shoulders, and a 6pack. Now, I describe him as hot, but he is not. He is so ugly!! Matt is a mix of talkative and quiet, like average. He likes to be a smart ass like Brandon to his teachers, our mom, and his friends. And he really likes beating up people. He LOVES picking on the freshmen, and lower class men. He is an ass to girls, but they are googley eyed over him. Actually, he is pretty nice to girls but he is an overall ass. he plays football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track and lacrosse in the spring. Plus, he does weight training year round. NOW, he is a BEAST on the ice. Probably the best hockey player. Senior year he was captain of football and soccer teams and qb for football. Junior year he was captain of the basketball team. My personal feelings toward him are: he sucks. I am terrified of him. He is a merciless human being, idk how he functions.


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