Matt’s Deal

STORIES: Matt’s Deal (Lucy’s POV, 5th grade)

We rounded the corner, giggling about Arizona’s story.

“And then he slid across the grass, and into the wall!” she concluded. We all burst into laughter. She could always make us laugh. It was just something that came naturally to her. Loudly, we chatted, while scoping around for our classroom. We walked on, and soon our classroom came into view. In addition, two kids seemed to be arguing in the distance. One kid looked to be much bigger, and was yelling at the other kid. The other kid was holding his head down. As we came closer, the bigger kid was my brother. And he was bullying our friend.

“Hey!” Arizona shouted. Her eyes were hard.

Our friend and Matt look up. Matt chuckled. “Leave him alone!” Arizona shouted again.

Rebekah and I were confused and nervous on what to do. She was shy, and not good at confrontations. I was terrified of my brother. I glanced at her. She shook her head vibrantly. I grabbed her hand, and towed her toward Arizona and Matt arguing.

“You leave him alone! Go pick on someone your own size! Your disgusting! Let him go! He doesn’t deserve-” Arizona ranted.

“Sure” Matt replied, cutting in.

Our mouths dropped open, he was letting him go?? What? Our friend ran, happy to have the chance.

“For a price” he finished. I tensed.

“In his place, I choose one of you to beat up.” He smiled.

“I volunteer” I suggested, hands trembling. Matt glanced at my hands, then grinned.

“Spooked?” He asked.

I pulled myself together. “Not at all thank you very much.”

“Look, what if we do a compromise. Like we will do your homework for a week.” Rebekah whispered.

Matt stepped toward her, and Arizona and I prepared to kill him if he touched her.

Rebekah’s body shook softly, but her face was brave.

“Original deal will always stand” he breathed. Rebekah winced.

He turned. “So, who’s it going to be?” He waited.

“How about, we leave, report you to the office, and you get into trouble and go to jail? See, happily ever after.” Arizona snarked. I smiled, trying to conceal my giggles. If I laughed, I was dead for sure. Rebekah however, let a chuckle slip out, before placing her head on her mouth. Matt scanned the three of us, waiting for an answer. Finally, Matt spoke.

“Run.” We bolted, without looking back. Arizona lead us to our classroom, and took out our late pass. She took a breath, pulled the handle, and we all walked inside. I tried not to think about what Matt would do to me at home.


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