Rebekah’s First Day Of High School

STORIES: Rebekah’s first day of High School (Rebekah’s POV)

“But mom I don’t want to wear that!” I shrieked.

“Nonsense girl, Вы будете делать, как вы сказали (You will do as you are told).” My mom stated.

She began to pick up my dirty clothing and put it into a hamper. “Грязный, грязный, грязный. (Dirty, Dirty, Dirty).” I obediently undressed and put on a cuffed white blouse, and white tights. Then, I put on my navy blue school dress, and tied the thin black belt around my waist. My mother adjusted my collar, braided my hair, and kissed me on the forehead.

“Babushka make breakfast. Go” My mother said softly.

I made my way into the enormous dining room, where my brothers Aleksandr and Henri, and Papa were eating. The were already dressed, Henri in navy blue sweater, and black khakis and Aleksandr in a light blue cuffed shirt, and navy kakis. In the kitchen Babushka was making more and more food. I sat down, averting my eyes from Aleksandr. We had a troubled relationship, more or less I am deathly afraid of him and he knew that, and loved it. Henri however, chatted with Aleksandr about his Russian lessons, in Russian. I was his teacher, so I knew exactly what they were saying. I had known how to speak Russian fluently since I was 3 years old. I was born in Samara Russia, and stayed there until I was three. Throughout that time, my papa and mom only spoke Russian, so I absorbed it. Unfortunately, Henri was 1 when we left the old country, and absorbed most English. Ever since he was 6, he has been studying Russian. He knows most of the language, but there are tiny errors we have to work on, or mom’ll freak out. Anyways, back to the conversation. Now, Aleksandr was looking my way while he whispered something into Henri’s ear. Henri looked at me and laughed. He always does this. Aleksandr always seems to secretly make fun of me with my baby brother. Sad at the current events, I ducked my head and focused on my food. Papa quietly ate, while reading the paper.

“Everyone up! We go to school!”  My mother shouted. She handed each of us 8 packaged tulips, for each teacher. She handed me an extra one, and a handful to Aleksandr. It was customary on the day of knowledge to dress nice and give flowers to your teachers. The three of us grabbed our stuff and piled in the car. Bubushka sat in the very back, while papa and mom were in the front. We pulled up to Henri’s middle school and all got out. Henri was bombarded with kisses and hugs as we said goodbye to him. Babushka stuffed extra food in his bag, I hugged him tightly, and Aleksandr smirked. As he entered the school, we waved, blowing kisses. Soon, we hopped into the car and drove to my high school.

We parked our car, and all hopped out. Kids streamed into the parking lot towards the school from every direction. Some were walking, being dropped off, or driving. We got out, and my array of kisses began. I was hugged by my family at least 3 times while my brother smirked, again. When it was his turn to hug me, I lowered my head slightly, looking toward my shoes. He leaned down, and whispered in my ear, “Your a loser, frosh”

I shuttered, as he picked me up and hugged me. As he was hugging me, he squeezed me tight, and I was barely able to breathe. He set me down, and smiled. I concealed my need to fall to the ground, gasping for air. Babushka smiled and pinched my cheeks.

“You are my beautiful young lady” she said to me in a thick accent. I smiled happily, grabbed my tulips and headed off for high school.

I pushed open the doors. It was heck. People going every way. I snatched my schedule out of my bag. I only had 1 class with ry, 1 class with Ari and 2 classes with Lucy. Not bad. I hoped to find Lucy, she could direct me and calm me down. Previously, she had been in PV for 2 years because she was gifted in LA. Or, I wished to find Arizona, she was so bubbly and happy it would cheer me up. Or Reilly. She’s so chill and wouldn’t make a big deal about this. I muttered to my self in Russian, earning a few odd glances from onlookers.

“Do YOU speak ENGLISH?” A senior I suppose, rushed up to me.

“Erm, yeah.” I muttered not directly looking at her. I have anxiety issues with upperclassmen. I could see other seniors laughing in the distance. I rolled my eyes and walked past her. Continuing to utter in Russian, I scanned the crowds for a familiar face and more importantly, Lucy, Ari, or Ry. Still nothing. As I walked, I began to see less and less 9th and 10th graders, and more seniors and juniors. Still, I kept walking.

“Hey Rebekah!” I gratefully turned around hoping it was Lucy. I was wrong. Matt hurried up to me, and smiled. I gulped, and stared at my black boots. Matt and I have a straight forward history. I am scared of him, he knows, and uses it to annoy me. Why? Because it’s fun for him to see me nervous,  and it aggravates Lucy so it’s like a 2 for one. Score!

“What are the flowers for?” He asked. “Are you going to give one to every kid in the school so they’ll like you?” He mocked. I began to feel panic, and I quickly strolled away. He laughed.

“Don’t worry Rebekah, this is going to be a great year!” Matt called. I shivered, but put it aside. I turned a corner, and there was Lucy, talking to a senior. I rushed up to her, happy I didn’t have to navigate alone. She turned to see me and let out a happy gasp.

“ReRe! Omg I couldn’t find you! How was your end of summer ball?” She gushed. I smiled.

“I couldn’t find you either! I found your brother though,” I frowned at the thought.

“Ugh, gag me.” Lucy replied. Lucy isn’t too thrilled of being in the same school as Matt again.

“The ball was good, we had cake and even ice cream!” I delighted. My family doesn’t really believe in ice cream, us kids usually get it at special occasions, such as summer balls.

“Oh!” She squealed in delight. “I forgot to introduce you.” She introduced me to the senior, who was known as Hailee. They had been talking about cheer practices, since Hailee was cap of cheer. Soon the conversations came to a close, and Lucy and I were off to find our home rooms.


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