Rebekah’s Freshman Year

STORIES: Rebekah (3rd person, Freshman Year)

Rebekah wondered the halls, looking for classroom 219. She rounded the corner, just as she slammed into someone. She stumbled back, just before looking up to see who it was. If was a buff senior, with a mean face and grassy green eyes. Matt. Rebekah gulped, and collected herself. Along with Matt, three other guys stood, talking and laughing. She moved to get past them, but one blocked her way. She scooted the other way, but another blocked her path. She stepped back to face Matt. He smiled.

“Ah, Rebekah, you need a hall pass to enter this hallway.” He smirked, and the other guys laughed.

“I don’t have a hall pass.” Rebekah quietly replied, her eyes averting to her boots. She was never good at confrontations, especially with upperclassmen. Matt and Rebekah had known each other for years, yet she never warmed up to him. Matt on the other hand, enjoyed messing with her. He knew she was afraid of him, and took every opportunity to make her nervous or uncomfortable. It aggravated Lucy, and he liked that too. However, Rebekah despised him.

“Well then, no entry.” Matt sneered. His friends laughed harder, while Rebekah tried to figure another way. Saying nothing, she turned, and headed off in a different direction.


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