Shoved In A Locker

STORIES: Shoved in A Locker (Lucy’s POV, 5th grade)

I walked up the stairs, heaving my heavy bag. People streamed downwards, not bothering to even control their massive bags. I trudged all the way to the top, over to Matt’s locker. I stood for a minute, confused, Matt was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey, what are you doing!” Matt appeared behind me, and scooped me up in a fireman’s carry. One of his friends, an idiot named Nick, opened his locker, and pulled my bag off my shoulders. Realizing what was happening, I begged and pleaded for Matt to put me down.

“Matt, please don’t.” I could feel the lump in my throat forming. “Matt, don’t, please put me down.” He flashed a grin at me, as he dropped me, and immediately began shoving me in the small red space. I struggled, holding on to the sides, and placing my feet against the neighboring lockers, so it was difficult to push me in. Matt began to force me in harder, as the tears started to cloud my eyes.

“Matt, please! Let me go, please!” Matt just snickered. I swallowed hard, trying to conceal my distress. Finally, he managed to shove me in all the way, with the help of Nick. Matt paused. looking over his accomplishment.

“Aw, are you crying?” He asked me, a smile growing on his face. Nick peered his head inside, grinning as he saw my tear-streaked face.

“No.” I made a move to cover my head with my arm, but I was so squished in, I was stuck, and my arms were frozen to my sides. Noticing, my two bullies laughed.

“Why are you doing this?” I whispered. Matt slammed the door shut.

“Nick and I wanted to see if you would fit in my locker.” Snickers erupted from Nick. “We’ll come for you later. If you make a sound, I will drop kick your ass all the way to PV from here.” I shivered, as I heard Nick snicker again. Lastly, Matt slammed his fist into the locker, earning a yelp from me. I could hear the two boys laugh, as they walked away. I stood, the only light coming from the locker vent. This time, I didn’t try to hold my tears, as they flooded down my cheeks. Matt’s locker was filled with crumpled papers, gum wrappers, and empty water bottles. Two hooks were on either side, and they pinched my arms. I waited in the tiny box space for what seemed like forever. I stood, crying, wishing my misery would end. Soon, my legs began to cramp, and I slid downwards, managing to sit with my knees bent. Eventually, the door soon swung open, granting me freedom from this timeless prison, and hands pulled me out. Matt glanced at my face, then frowned.

“Get your stuff, and let’s go. I already texted Brandon we would be a little late. A couple weeks ago, Brandon received his license. He turned 16 about a month ago (it’s May now) and so he has been driving us home. I grabbed my backpack, which had been kicked all the way to the other side of the hallway, and the tears came down like a waterfall. “Stop crying, you’ve cried like 3 times already.” I sniffled, and Matt hit me in the back, causing me to fly a couple steps forward. I quickly concealed my tears, as we walked outside. Outside, only one car remained, Brandon’s. He was going to be pissed. Let’s see how Matt gets out of this.

“Why the fuck are you two idiots so late?” Brandon growled. Next to us, was Wesley, and he was his usual happy self.

“Lucy kept talking to her stupid friends, and we got caught up.” Matt spoke, with ease. My eyes widened. I glared at him, some of my confidence coming back. He flashed a smirk at me. The car stopped at a red light. Brandon turned to us. He snatched my wrist, and twisted it. I whimpered in pain.

“Don’t make me wait again.” He shot me a terrifying look, then released my wrist.” I pressurized it, and sunk back in the seat.

“Matt shoved me in a locker, then went to 7/11 with his friend. Thats why we were late.” I sassed, earning an ‘Ohhh rekt’ from Wesley, and a hard punch to the arm by Matt. Brandon laughed.

“Aw Matty, beat me to it. Did she fit Matty?” He asked. I gasped, offended.

“Yeah, but she struggled a lot.” Matt chuckled, although he was slightly irritated by his nickname.

“Excuse me, I’m right here!” I shouted. My confidence regenerated with every word they spewed.

“She did cry a lot, like 18 times. When I picked her up, when I shoved her in, and when I pulled her out.”

“What a wuss.” Brandon smirked.

“You two are so mean.” I screamed.

“We’re not mean, you are just a whimp, geek.” Brandon teased, and Matt and Wesley laughed. I rolled my eyes. Brothers are idiots.


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