Skates, Sticks, and Sinks

STORIES: Skates, Sticks, and Sinks (Lucy’s POV) (8th grade)

Out on the ice, Rebekah glided gracefully. I watched her in awe as she did lutz after lutz, beautifully. She noticed me, smiled, and motioned for me to come out on the ice. I nodded, clunking over to the edge of the rink, and glided out on the ice. We  silently skated on the ice, enjoying each other’s company. Rebekah did fancy moves, while I plainly glided, sometimes sticking my leg up.

“Try your triple lutz, please!!” Rebekah begged.

“No.” Together, Rebekah and I were on the local rink skating team. Right now, I worked on my lutzes, while Re prepared for sectionals, and if she made it, states. I was super excited for her. Although, she wanted me to come, and that was not happening. Still, she begged me to try.

“Please Lucy, just one.”

“Fine.” I huffed. She clapped her hands, and squealed in delight. I took my position. I began skating, and I could feel my legs coming together. My arms crossed, I had completed two turns. On the last one, somehow I didn’t get enough height, and I slammed into the ice. I groaned, as I lay on the cold, hard, ice. Rebekah rushed over to me.

“Nice fall, sis.” I turned to see my brother and his hockey team, skating into to the ice. They wore the familiar blue-grey uniforms, similar to our skating outfits, except bulkier and fat. Sadly, the team witnessed the whole scene, including my brother. Now, they all laughed as they skated on the ice. I heard shouts of, “Nice fall, skater”, “I hope your ass isn’t bruised from that fall” and, “You suck, skater”. Most of them knew my name, but preferred to call me ‘skater’ for the rivalry. At our rink, the hockey players and skaters didn’t get along very well. There was a huge rivalry to prove each sport was better than the other. In short, the hockey players called us wussies, who prance around the ice in glitter, fake smiles, and scrunchies. Constantly, they tell us we shouldn’t we be allowed on the ice. Whatever. The much cooler sport, skating, thinks hockey players are big, sweaty, idiots, who try and kill each other for sport. Obviously, our insults were better. Anyway, Wesley stuck his hand out for me. I glared at him, and picked myself up.

“Anyways, you guys have to leave.” Wesley grinned. I stared at him.

“Why? You guy don’t have a game, so leave us alone.” I sassed.

“Chill out, skater. We need to practice, and I’m sure we’d kill you two if you stayed.” The other guys laughed. I crossed my arms.

“Maybe we should just go.” Rebekah whispered to me. She hated confrontation, but she had to learn how to stand up for herself.

“Nonsense.” I told her, then turned back to the team. “You aren’t on the board, so no, we won’t get off ‘your’ ice.” Oos and Ohhhs echoed the rink, as a team member skated forward. He had piercing blue eyes, and sunflower blonde hair. Xander. Xander was probably the meanest of the boys hockey players, along with Matt. For fun, he liked to hang the younger boys on the glass surrounding the rink by their hoodies. Xander was 14, one year older, but almost as buff as Wesley. He leaned on his stick, and gave a small smile. Rebekah quivered, while I gulped.

“Leave skaters, or your asses are dead.” He snarled. Wesley shot him a look, and Xander returned it. By this time, Rebekah glanced over to me, mouthing, ‘lets go.’ I didn’t want to put her through any more trouble. Plus, I knew I was’t going to win this battle. I huffed, shot Xander a glare, and skated off the ice, with Rebekah following close behind. Shouts of “We are the top dogs”, “Get out of here little skaters” “Go home to your mommies, skaters,” , and taunts followed our every step, until we were off the ice. I was engulfed in my own anger, I hated them. I muttered to myself about peace between the two rivalries, while I took off my skates. It was like Romeo and Juliet’s families, except we weren’t in the 1500’s, and we weren’t going to die anytime soon.


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