Writer’s Block

Constantly, I suffer with this every single day. It’s hard to come up with new ideas, and when you don’t have much inspiration, almost impossible. Yet, I always seem to cling on to something, and soon another idea pops into my head.

For example, right now I have many things I want to write, however I hesitate. It’s like an actual block is blocking my path to storytelling, and my ideas, and when I think I will write about it, it slips between my fingers, and a new idea pops into my head. It’s an endless cycle.

But, these ideas of stories in my mind are joyous to think about. I fantasize over and over about them, thinking I would put them on a doc someday. They are fun to think about, and imagine, just not to write about. I am a lazy human being, and constructing a writing piece takes a while, at least for me. It’s hard to picture what I would say, and how I would put my story into words. Even now, I struggled to find the write words to even complete this small blog post. Nonetheless, actually create a book!

Back to the subject at hand, writing is creativity, and I don’t have creativity. Of course, anyone can write, but not just anyone can tell a good story. Because, that’s what writing is, isn’t it? To tell a story, that people want to read.

It doesn’t matter if its informational, or political, you write so people are intrigued, and continue reading. Alas, I still don’t have any idea what my next story will be.




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