bullying, freshman, highschool, little sister, Mean, older brother


STORIES: (Lucy’s POV) (Lucy: 7th grade)

“Dork” Brandon spat, leaning down to drop the cones on the field. I ignored him and continued.

“I’m a Gryffindor, but I feel like a Hufflepuff. Countless quizzes have told me gryff and I don’t even believe potter more anymore. Also, don’t call me a dork Brandon!” I turned to face him. He smirked, not bothering to meet my eyes.

“Okay, how about a gryffindork? Is that better?” He asked, with mock concern. I huffed.

“I’m not a dork! I’m going to tell mom you are bullying me!” I remarked. Brandon dropped his cones and strolled over to me. Towering over me, he grinned.

“You are going to tell mom? I’m so scared, I hope I don’t get grounded!!” He laughed, and shoved me, not hard enough to make me fall, but hard enough to make me stumble backwards. Brandon continued taunting, while walking toward me. “Come on, tell mom. I dare you. Tell her.” He shoved me again, harder this time. I looked up at him, my eyes mixed with hatred and defeat. Brandon chuckled. “Oh, that’s right. You’re too scared. Too scared to stand up to me. What a loser.” He stared at me. Rage bubbled inside me, and I exploded. I shoved him, and he immediately grabbed my wrist, and twisted me into a headlock. I squirmed, horrified at what I got myself into. “There we go, luc. A little bravery peeking out, I knew you could do it. Except, this act was performed rather poorly, you will have to pay the consequence.” Before I could think, Brandon stuck his enormous hand down my pant, and revealed my blue undies, as he pulled them higher and higher. My body squirmed and jerked within his grasp, as I burned with humiliation and pain.

“Please let go!!” I begged. He ignored me. I bit my lip, trying to swat at his hand. I looked up briefly, and saw kids entering the field. Laughter echoed in the distance, Brandon’s JV team. Brandon let go, and went to greet them.

“Drop your stuff, and start running freshies!” He yelled at them. He turned back to me, while I tried desperately to collect myself. He smirked. “Go do your homework.” Brandon scouted the boys as they ran, glancing back at me, as I lay on the grass. “I said, go down your homework.” He signaled to me, and whistled. I sat up, and trudged over to the fence, and sat, pulling out my homework.


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