Bully, bullying, freshman, highschool, little sister, Mean, older brother


STORIES: Kiddies  (3rd POV) (Jon: 15, Brandon: 11, Wesley: 10, Lucy: 6)

“Jon-please we don’t have it!” Wesley pleaded. Jon tightened his grip on Wesley, making him whimper. Currently, Wesley and Brandon were engulfed in Jon’s arms, as he laughed evilly.

“Let us go, we don’t have it.” Brandon struggled, squirming, making his brother laugh harder as he watched his brother fidget in agony. Brandon wasn’t very touchy-feely, at the exception of tackling players in football and other sports. He didn’t accept hugs, which his big sister and brothers used to aggravate him. And soon, his little sister would hug him till it infuriated him.

“Aww, Brandi are you sad you’re getting touched?” Jon mocked, and smiled, shining his bright white teeth. “Tell me where my shit is, and you two will walk outta here home free.

“We don’t have your shit.” Brandon huffed. Jon used reached down and took Wesley’s hand, and slapped Brandon’s cheek, earning a whimper from Brandon.

“Hey. Don’t swear, kid. You’re like 10.”


“Whatever. So, are you going to tell me what you stole from my room?” Jon raised his eyebrows.

“We didn’t go in your room, or take anything.” Wesley begged. Jon considered this, as he tightened his grips on both of them, as they groaned quietly. Nah, they are definitely lying.

“k, you little boys have ten seconds to spill, or I spill your guts.” Jon shot a smirk in Wesley’s direction.


“Wait.” Brandon muttered.


“WaIT.” Brandon said, a tinge of fear hidden in his voice.


“We didn’t take anything!” Wesley yelled.

“But you went into my room?” Jon pressed. Silence. “7…….6…….5…….4…….3….. 2……….” Jon stretched the number out more than the others, feeling the nerves jitter throughout their tiny little bodies. “1.” He immediately tightened his arms, and instantly two sets of hands clawed at his arms, desperately pulling on them. Brandon’s and Wesley’s legs became to scramble on the floor, as their oxygen thinned. Finally, Jon loosed his grip, and took one wrist of each boy. He twisted them, pulling their arms forward so they collided together. Moans and gasps echoed from the youngsters, as their wrists were twisted into pretzels.

“Sta-ha-ha-ap.” Wesley begged between gasps, holding his arm. Brandon looked blue in the face, trying to conceal his screams, too stubborn to give in to the satisfaction of his older brother. Jon let go of both wrists, and the boys made an escape. Jon tsked to himself, before grabbing them by their hoods and pulling them back.

“Not gonna get away that easy.” Jon moved his hands to their backs, slithering both hands into their pants. He retrieved two pairs of white tighty-whities, yanking them high above their backs. The boys screeched in pain, eyes filled with pain. Jon chuckled, enjoying every moment of their humiliation.

“Hey Johnny, I just found the book you were looking for it was in the-“ Blaine entered the room, looking up to see his younger brothers swimming in their underpants. Blaine smiled, and laughed, just as gleeful as Jon.

“You found my book? I guess you guys didn’t steal my stuff.” Jon let go, ruffling Brandon’s hair. Brandon immediately began to fix it, infuriated.

“I told you! If you believed me, we wouldn’t have been tortured!” Wesley shouted, outraged.

“Actually, you kiddies went into my room, so you deserved everything you got. By the way, do it again, you’ll be hanging on the roof by your tighty-whities.” Jon and Blaine laughed, and he turned back to Blaine. “How did you find it?”

“It was in Lucy’s room, she must have taken it.” Blaine answered. Jon grinned. He began to walk down the hall, where Lucy was playing.

“Guess who is getting her first swirly!” Jon shouted, as he walked down the hall, into her room, and picked her up, taking her to the bathroom. Blaine, Brandon, and Wesley watched in amusement, as Lucy was carried into the bathroom.


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