Bully, hogwarts, Mean


STORIES: Careful

“Swirly time!” Kayden shouted, dragging two young kids into the boy’s bathroom. His friends followed, laughing. The boys cried out and fidgeted, desperately trying to get the humongous hands off of their robes. He pushed one in a stall, while the other was handed off to one of Kayden’s friends, Archer. Kayden towered over the first year as he snatched him by the robe, forced him to his knees, and shoved his head down the toilet. As he flushed it, laughter erupted from his friends. He kept pushing the kid’s head farther and farther, and then let him up for air. He let him up, and the boy desperately tried to suck air into his lungs. Kayden got on his knees and began whispering to the little boy. “What’s the matter mate? You are a gryffindor aren’t you? Let’s see some bravery.” Kayden taunted. His friends joined in, shouting things like “Gryffindor sucks”, and “They aren’t real gryffindors”. The boy was silent. “Well?” Kayden demanded. “Are you a gryffindor?”


“Bingo, boys! This gryffie is going under for round two!” The boy frantically flailed his arms, crying, and tried to escape, only to be pushed back into the toilet.

“What is going on in here?” Conner Spriggan, a seventh year, and snobby ravenclaw head boy barged in, outraged. With him was my head boy, Noah . I let go of the boy, and he collapsed on the floor, out of breath. Connor released the other boy from Archer,to which both ran to the corner.

“Nothing, we were just having some fun.” I smiled slyly. Connor stormed over to me, his long pointed nose inches away from mine.

“This is the last strike Kayden. It isn’t even the fourth week. If you were in my house, I would drag your sorry butt up to professor flitwick. Since you are not, I’ll have your own headboy decide. But, I catch you again, you’ll be sitting in dumbledore’s office. You’re trouble, Kayden. Just trouble.”

I smiled at that.

“Oh Connie, I’m so scared.” I made a pout face, and my friends struggled to keep their giggles in. Connor shot an icy glare at me.

“Come gyrffindors. Let’s get you back to your common room, and I will speak to Professor Mcgnagall.” He escorted the young kids out, and mentioned something to Noah. Noah trudged over to me, and heaved a sigh.

“Layoff the first years. You know, if you keep acting the way you are, you could get expelled.” Noah looked down at me. I smirked. He was a tall guy, and one of the humblest people I know.

“Relax babe, you need to chill.” I leaned against the sink casually.

“No, you could get expelled, and never be an auror, or professor, or work with dragons or giants. You would never marry because no one would want a hogwarts dropout, and then you will be alone forever, still living at your parents. You would never-“

“Shuuuushhh. You worry too much. You’re spending too much time with Connie.”

“He takes the sixth floor patrol with me every day.”

“Pfft. Whatever.” I signaled to my friends, and began to leave the bathroom, but Noah stopped me.

“Be careful.” He muttered into my ear. I rolled my eyes, and walked out, bumping into a measly second year.


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