Bully, bullying, little sister, Mean, older brother


STORIES: Dead (Lucy; 11, Brandon: 16

NOTE: This is a long one. I feel this is my best piece, heh.

“Ten seconds” Brandon spat, stopping so close, I shivered. I quickly turned around, horrified I was caught redhanded. I was so dead. I had been creeping around Brandon’s room, curious about my big brother’s life. He was always very secretive, and quiet, he never shared anything with me. I mean, that could be because I was his dorky little sister in his eyes. I mean, younger siblings always snooped through their older sibling’s stuff, it was like in the bible.

“Um..” I gulped, eyes widening in fear.

“Nine” continued my big brother, now cracking his knuckles.

“Brandon, please.” I whispered, before turning and fleeing as fast as my legs allowed. Brandon watched me go, not hiding his anger. He hated anyone going on his room, so I guess I deserved to have the wrath of Brandon casted upon me. But it was just too irresistible. I have no willpower. I could still hear Brandon counting down, sprinting faster up the stairs as he got closer to one. He almost had let me go. Almost.

“Zero,” Brandon grinned, before bursting forwards, each stride devouring at least three of my own. Brandon was a sprinter on the track team, lucky me. All of my siblings had been great athletes, which was my disadvantage when they decided to have a full-on house chase like this one.

“I am so dead…” I muttered, reaching the top of the stairs. Brandon zoomed after me, right on my trail. He corned me, and grinned. I whimpered, feeling defeated. He walked toward me, knowing I couldn’t get out of this. I was left to my only option, a deadly option. I took a step forward, and hurled my fight to my older sibling’s stomach, making the kick hard and powerful. Brandon wasn’t hurt at all. My kick barely made an impact, but that didn’t matter. He was shocked and surprised, giving me time to burst pass him and down the stairs. A second later, Brandon followed, soon pouncing on me. He locked his arm around my neck, securing me into a headlock. Great.

“A+ for the effort.” Brandon mocked. I rolled my eyes. He was such a jerk. I kicked and fidgeted, but Brandon tightened his grip. He got me, I was not going to be able to escape.

“Please let me go, I promise I won’t go in your room every again!” I begged him. He just gave me a cold stare, and tightened his grip even more. I began to feel dizzy, my oxygen was cutting off.

“Tap out.” He said, tightening with each word.

I couldn’t take much more. I weakly raised my hand to tap on his ginormous arm. He laughed, then loosened his grip. I relaxed, relieved I wouldn’t pass out. Brandon sunk his head inside my pants, and got a strong grip on the waistband of my underwear. I gasped, oh no. Wrapping all ten fingers around it, he stood tall over me, and I crammed my neck to shoot him a pleading glare.

“Ready for take-off” My older brother grinned. I whimpered as he unceremoniously ripping it up.

“Brandon, please put me down!” I squeaked desperately. He laughed in response.

“No can do, dork. This is too much fun.”

The underwear dug into me, and I kicked and screamed as he lifted me higher and higher. Brandon held me just above the ground, my toes only barely scratching the floor. He liked to torture me this way, it was a way of saying, ‘so close to the ground {freedom}, yet so far.’ Brandon bounced me, keeping me still inches above the ground. I squealed and yelped at every bounced.

“Having fun yet? Want me to keep going?” Brandon remarked. I moaned as I heard the familiar sound of my underwear being forced way beyond its usual limits, stretching twice and then three times above its original size.

“N-no please, have mercy, Brandon, please!” I begged and begged. Brandon stopped bouncing me, agreeing to my please. I relaxed, even thought my underwear worked against me, sifting into my poor butt. Then, my evil brother used one hand to push my shoulders down, while pulling, making sure to pull as much fabric as he could.

“Enjoying the view from up there Lucy?” He taunted while giving a quick tug.

“Branndddonnn!!” I whined like a little girl, with tears in my eyes “You are destroying my butt!”

“That’s the plan!” laughed Brandon, before the bouncing began again. This reminded me of when I was younger, and Brandon would shove me or sit on me, while I cried and drew out his name like before. He would just laugh, and respond with a  snarky response like that one. Brandon lower me, making sure that I could feel the wood floor with my toes, right before lifting me up  to shatter my dreams of a quick ending to the pain. He repeated this, chanting ‘One, two, one, two’. “This is so relaxing! Don´t you think so Lucy?”

I began to cry, and shook my head. “Brandon, please put me down, I don’t like this!”

Brandon scoffed mockingly. “Hmmm..”

He bounced me again, before putting me down. I ran into my room, refusing to sob before I got to my bed.


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