A Halloween Mishap

STORIES: A Halloween Mishap (Lucy’s POV) (Lucy: 8, Jon: 17)

I creeped into Jon’s room, careful not to touch anything. If he knew I was even in here, I was so dead. I sneaked into his closet, closing the door. Currently, Jon was at school. It was a half day today, since my elementary school since it was Halloween. I planned to scare him so good! He is always creeping up on me, or hiding in dark corners, then jumping on/or at me, making me squeal with fright. I hated it. This year, I dressed up as a witch. Unfortunately, my mom can’t take me trick-or-treating, my older brother has to. Ugh. Jon was 17, and an idiot. I mean, my other brothers are idiots, but his is by far the biggest idiot. Jon was always giving me wedgies, dangling me off the ground until I cried. He would chase me around the house, taunting me, saying if he caught me I was gonna get it. He always caught me. ‘It’ was some sort of pain- if it was a swirly, headlock, or wedgie, it hurt all the same.

I waited in the closet, waiting for him to return. He was going to be so scared. I heard the familiar shuffle downstairs, my other siblings talking, and fighting. We lived in a mad house. Literally. I have 5 brothers, and 1 sister, all having significant age differences over me. The oldest, Blaine, was 12 years older than me, and the youngest Matt, was 3 years older than me. I was the youngest, precious baby girl. For that, my siblings usually terrorized me., since I was smaller, weaker, and secretly mu mom loved me the best. Ha! Only my sister Juliet, didn’t try and torment me. Usually. If I got into her room, or her makeup, she was super mad, and would always give some kind of revenge. Sometime it was a wedgie, but usually she just got Blaine to do her dirty work. Them too were super close, only 2 years apart. I’m told they used to gang up on Jon. He is 9 years older than me, so the three of them grew up together. Supposedly, Jon was bullied relentlessly by them, full-on with every kind of agony they could bestow on him.

But, they never understood me. I was the youngest, smallest, weakest, which my siblings took an opportunity to make suffer. I just wanted to be them. I went into their rooms, fiddled with their stuff, because I wanted to be like my cool big sister/brother. I wanted to have friends, a boyfriend, party invitations up to my knees, like them. But, they never thought about it like that. My siblings thought I was a annoying little pest, that deserved to be duct taped and locked in a closet. I often dreamed of who I would be in middle school, and high school, popular, with beautiful blue eyeshadow, and a sparkling pink purse.

My brother Matt often told me he would make my life hell in middle school. I would be a fifth grader then (a fifth grader!!) and he would be an eighth. It was not often my siblings were in the same school as me, except for elementary. Matt had just left my school, now he was a fifth grader. I was finally at peace. For the first couple years of my schooling career, Matt, and Wesley made my school days miserable. When I was in kindergarten, Wesley, was in fourth, and Matt in third. They made it their daily task to steal my snack from my cubby while I was at recess. I don’t know how they did it- my wing was across the school from theirs. I would look for my lunch, rolling on the floor, until I felt the tears fall. I would tell my parents at the dinner table while my brothers snickered. In addition, the duo would thump me in the halls, or make scary gestures as they passed me. It wasn’t fun.

Now, I’m home-free until middle school. I will cherish my freedom now- It would be distress and anguish in three years.  Soon, I heard Jon enter his room, dropping his bag onto the floor, and rolling onto his bed. I peeped through the small crack from the door, getting clear view of him. He was looking around his room, analyzing it. Did he know I was in here?

“Brandon! Did you go into my room again?” Jon yelled. I heard a muffled ‘no’ from downstairs, and Jon lay back on his bed. This was my chance. I burst open the doors, screaming, and pounced on Jon. He wasn’t surprised. He simply looked at me, his mouth forming a grin. I rolled off of him.

“Why aren’t you scared!” I frowned.

“Because, baby sis, I’m immune.” He answered, sitting up. “Now, get out of my room, or your ass is going to come in contact with my foot.”

I quickly put my hands on my bottom, frightened, and he laughed. I shook my head, shaking it off. Today was Halloween- Jon couldn’t get me down. By the end of the night, I would be engaged in sweets, treats, and fun.

“So, we have to leave for trick-or-treating around four, so we can get all the people who sleep early.” I explained. Jon got up from his bed, and sat at his desk.

“I’m not taking you trick-or-treating squirt.”

“Yes you are, mom can’t take me, so she said you will.”

“No way.”

“Yes way.”

“Wanna bet?”

Jon hooked his arms around my neck, adjusting them so I was trapped in a headlock. I squirmed, not liking this situation. He used his arms to pick me up, feet dangling. His huge arms suffocated me. I bet he gets amusement out of this. Out of torturing his little sister since he can. Jon carried me over to the door, unleashing his arms, and dropping me on my butt. He closed the door, and began to walk downstairs. Jon stormed past my some of my siblings on the couch. Wesley shot me a questioning look. I shrugged, and followed. Jon dived into the sunroom, where my mom sat reading.

“Mom, I can’t take Lucy trick-or-treating! I have things to do!” Jon explained.

“What kind of the things?” My mom looked up from her TIME magazine.

“Theres this huge party at Dylan’s house, and everyone at school is going. I’m a senior and a captain on the soccer team, I have to go.”

“When is it?” My mom asked. I watched eagerly. I hoped mom would refuse to let him go. Of course, that would mean he would kill me, since he would have to take me trick-or-treating. And, my mom was a sweetheart, she wouldn’t say no.

“It starts at seven.”

“Of course you can go, if you Lucy trick-or-treating. Honey, it will only be a couple of hours. Plus, you may even get some candy.”

My mother wiggled her eyebrows playfully, while Jon raged.

“Mom, this isn’t fair! Its Halloween- I’m not going trick-or-treating with my kid sister!”

“Then you can’t go to the party, Jon. Take her, and you can stay out an extra hour.”

Jon sighed, and agreed. My mother smiled, and patted his shoulder. She made a kissing gesture with her lips, and Jon leaned down to kiss her cheek. He turned, and walked out of the sunroom, stopping next to me.

“Sleep with one eye open tonight. After all, it is Halloween, when all the slimy, one-eyed monsters come out.”

My face paled. I hadn’t thought of that. I tried to console myself, tell myself Jon was just being stupid. He was always trying to scare me, and Halloween was an easy gateway to his goal. I fiddled with my dress, trying not to think about what Jon had said.


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