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POST 1: [Excerpts]

What are Excerpts???

Excerpts are little snippets of a conversation/background/whatever that I write for fun. They aren’t stories, but they are fun to write, and I will post them on here. 🙂


POST 2: If you want to laugh:

If you want to laugh harder:


POST 3: [Question] Would you eat a bowl of beetles for $40,000?

Definitely not. I hate bugs, I scream when there is a spider across the room. Insects are creepy, crawley, and coarse. I’ll stick with being an average middle-class citizen, thank you very much.


Hey. I dont really like writing on here, but eh. This is kind of like a blog, or like an internet diary, where I share my thoughts and ideas I guess. I mean, no one would read this so, I could share details about my life, but I won’t. Anyway, as far as writing goes, I think I’m doing well. I’m working on expanding my writing, making it longer.

I just wrote “A Halloween Mishap”, and I think it was long, and informative. Its from Lucy’s POV, when she was eight. She talks about how she’s treated unfairly, and how her siblings don’t understand her. In addition, she is supposed to go trick-or-treating with her mom, but her mom can’t, and so her brother has to take her. Her brother that has to take her, Jon, she describes as the ‘biggest idiot’. You can clearly tell she really dislike’s Jon. However, she always will love him.

The thing about these stories- they are about siblings, and sibling bullying. However, all the siblings in the stories love each other to death. I would write more about the happy experiences, but sad/distress/pain stories are much more exciting and fun to write. I have many writings I want to write- which I probably never will. Ideas fly by in my mind, a new one coming each day.

However, I struggled with writer’s block when writing. It takes ages to write stories, even though I have so many ideas. Anyway, back to the story, I really like this one. I feel it explains Lucy’s relationship to most of her siblings, in a clear and clean way. But, I don’t think all end’s are tied up. I think I will tell more about her life and past time with each of her siblings as her stories go on. 🙂